We are a small association under development and creating its entity. Give us a chance, get to know us,
and maybe in the future, you will support our projects to achieve our goals.
Welcome to HALTEK
HalTek is a non-profit organization that uses technology to serve the community. Identify challenges, and provide practical solutions through innovative ideas to improve approachability from different settings’ perspectives.
HalTek is a combined Arabic word “Hal حل” mean Solution, and “Tek تك” abbreviation of technology. HalTek is Solutions Tech.
our story
HalTek is founded in May 2018 by a group of individuals from various professional specialties and expertise. Our (dis)abilities brought us together to improve our cities’ situation for people of different skills after noticing the decline in services and some human rights values.

Our accumulated experiences will help us seek partnership and cooperation with all society components from government institutions, business sectors, and other associations and reach better, more inclusive societies.

Tailored Projects

At HalTek, we do not just highlight problems surrounding us, but we offer practical and innovative long-term solutions. We tailored our projects to the needs of the community. Our projects are interlinked and complemented each other.

  • Identify the factors that limit the integration of people with disabilities and prevent their participation in their societies.
  • Explore technologies and modern tactics to cement the involvement of people with different capacities in society.
  • Network with various local and international stakeholders to synergize efforts and reach our goals.

HalTek envisions a world where people of different capacities can thrive and live to their utmost potential and contribute to their communities’ growth.

Everything is connected and related to each other. Our vision and mission and the initiatives complete each other. We design or plan to launch projects to achieve our goals and ambitions. We adopt a dynamic strategy based on gathering information and opinions of people affected by problems surrounding us in our community to develop solutions according to the people’s needs and the best to suit their private and public interests. We reassess every stage and every step to improve what we do. And we develop our strategy as required.

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Promote an inclusive culture for individuals who have difficulties practicing their daily life chores through various innovative methods and techniques.
Conducting community awareness activities and campaigns to highlight our objectives through various peaceful and communicative means (media).
Goals & objectives
Cement the culture of respect

for laws relating to individuals, particularly Law 220/2000, for persons with disabilities. Work with others to provide indirect mechanisms for implementing awareness-raising workshops using modern technologies (Internet, smartphones, training, and interactive workshops, conferences).

Assist with solutions and audits to individuals, companies, and government and private institutions to improve buildings’ infrastructure and facilitate the access of individuals who have physical difficulties.
Work and network with all government and private institutions and local and international NGOs to promote new concepts and encourage modern technologies. Build relations with all community components.
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